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Tales From 6th Year: A Revealing Rendezvous was updated on 29th Dec 12

Status: Completed - Rating: Teens + - Chapters: 1 - Word count: 3,969 - Genre: Humor, Romance

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Tales From 6th Year will be a series of one shot stories that take place, not surprisingly, during Book 6.  Two are written so far, and I have ideas for two more.  They will be unrelated to each other, and will be roughly canon compatible until the start of each story.

In A Revealing Rendezvous (first published in 2010), Harry is caught off guard when Hermione and Ron introduce him to a surprising practice among Hogwarts prefects, which causes him to look at one of his best friends in an entirely different way.  H/Hr

1 - Tales From 6th Year: A Revealing Rendezvous
Word count: 3,969 - Reviews: 7 - Rating: Teens + - Uploaded on: 29th Dec 12