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I'm the Chem Prof and I'm honored and somewhat humbled to be asked to join this distinguished group of fanfic authors.  Chem Prof is my actual profession - I teach chemistry at a small university in the Midwest U.S.  My three daughters (now all on their 20's) introduced me to Harry Potter fanfiction in 2004.  I began writing in 2005 after Half Blood Prince came out, primarily to deal with my frustration with the deterioration in the Harry/Hermione relationship in that book.  The two of them will always be the primary characters in my stories (so far, at least) and the romantic pairing in nearly all of them.  (I do have a Harry/Ginny and a couple of Harry/Ginny/Hermione stories.)

After some thought, I've decided to post my stories in roughly the order I wrote them.  In preparing them to upload onto this site, I noticed that my writing style has changed considerably since I began.  But I've mostly resisted the urge to edit them too much; otherwise it would have taken me forever to post anything!

I also noticed that there is a distinct difference between the stories that were written before the final book came out and those written after.  My early stories were speculation on how the Harry Potter saga might conclude, with considerable detail, new characters, and fanciful descriptions of scenes and battles.  Many of my more recent stories have been 'what if this changed?' type stories, where I make some sort of adjustment to JKR's work and proceed to imagine how some things might have changed (somehow always including Harry and Hermione ending up together).

So, my initial offerings to launch this page are my first epic tale - Soul Searching/End Game, a 300,000 word plus telling of the horcrux hunt in the summer between Year 6 and Year 7, followed by the preparation and final battle duringYear 7 - and Greater Love, my first mini story, a single scene description of less than 1000 words.  My plan is to continue to add to the collection, on at least a weekly basis, until I get to my current works.

Hope you enjoy reading them!

Chem Prof