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Trixtor posted a comment on Sunday 19th January 2014 10:42pm

Mhm. I still never did like the suddenness of Hermione's feelings for Ron: you could fairly easily nitpick previous books to build a case that the redhead liked her, but the opposite is far harder. Truth is, you could probably build a fairly strong case that she liked Harry.

I didn't love this story all that much, not because of any lingering resentment over Ron/Hermione (I know enough about relationships to be 100% certain that it could never work out in the longterm, and would have to be horridly abusive if it continued past a few weeks,) but because you stick too closely to canon despite Hermione obviously returning Harry's feelings. It just doesn't make sense more than anything else.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Thursday 24th October 2013 11:29pm

It not a surprise that Harry and Hermione end up together, some author only do one pairing

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Sunday 5th May 2013 9:27am

Good chapter and fun that Harry is trying so hard to decide who he likes and persist with Hermione. Thanks for sharing!

Hawkins posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 5:30pm

I re-read this one. I still think it makes Hermione out to be pretty fickle. She leads Harry around and plays with his emotions. It's a very Half Blood Prince Hermione, but at least she figures it out in the end.

brad posted a comment on Sunday 24th March 2013 6:04am

Hey, a new story from chemprof, great! - He did indeed catch a waft of the same scent, and he suddenly felt a funny sensation in his stomach, which led to a feeling of resentment over her proximity to Dean. Reading this I wondered (a) if Harry might actually be under the influence of an EVIL WEASLEY LOVE POTION and (b) if you have ever written an EVIL LOVE POTION story. Regarding (a) I note that Harry had that funny feeling in his stomach when Hermione simply smiled at him at the beginning of the chapter, so I doubt there's any love potion involved. As to (b) ... I don't think you ever had. You always have Harry and his friends in amiable relationships I believe. (I do hope I'm not forgetting some of your stories.) I know you've certainly painted Ginny as a Harry-hungry fan girl sometimes, but that's been about as far as you've gone? It would be interesting to see a story from you where it's truly Harry and Hermione against the world; i.e. where Ginny and Ron have turned against them. Although as I write this I have a slightly nauseous feeling in *my* stomach, now. I guess your style of stories aren't suited to those sort of plots. Difficult to set up, too, without making it quite unbelievable, I guess. Anyway, it was nice to see the divergences in this chapter, with the kids being just that bit more open and honest with each other. Taking the source of Harry's new potions knowledge by the horns - okay, his using the reference is blessed by a teacher, so it's not cheating, so much for Rowling's pathetic WHO IS THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE plot *yawn* there. Ditto telling Hermione about the Felix Felicis ploy right after he'd used it and Hermione made her distress known. Yeah! After all, why keep his best friend angry and in suspense over what she should do, whether the game should proceed, when he could just tell her what he'd (not) done? Good one. Your Harry is a more thoughtful bloke than his canon counterpart. This would have to be one of the most ... cautious ... cases of Harry and Hermione getting together that I've read lately. Also, one where Harry seems to be more proactive than Hermione in setting it up! Good to read something from you again, thanks!

Mathew McCrillis posted a comment on Monday 18th March 2013 6:00pm

Nice one! Thanks for sharing.


Sandrine Lupin posted a comment on Monday 18th March 2013 10:55am

yes !

another story!

it begins well, I hope to see the next chapter soon.

alucard964 posted a comment on Saturday 16th March 2013 10:39pm

definetly like this and am looking forward to more.